Good hygiene habits for children

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Whether you are travelling abroad or staying at home. Good hygiene habits are crucial and can save your life!

We tend to become over-compulsive regarding cleanliness, so we make sure that our kids are practicing good hygiene all the time. It is more than hand-washing since hygiene is a habit that we start to established when we were young kids.

Teaching them proper hygiene is easy but encouraging them to do it on a regular basis is quite daunting. For children, it can seem like a hassle to brush their teeth, lather and rinse their hair and body and do it all again. Let this guide help you to keep your child squeaky clean as always.

  1. Teach the fundamental to your kids such as the importance of hand washing. This simple activity should be done several times a day. Use soap and water and wash while singing “Happy Birthday.” Proper rinsing is also crucial. While sanitizers can help, health experts still recommend soap and water to eliminate all types of germs.
  2. Make sure to teach them hygiene in an age-appropriate manner. Children can understand the idea of germs and infection so no need for you to come up with scary details. Likewise, they can grasp the concept of health, diseases, and prevention of it through proper hygiene.
  3. Kids will thrive on routines so make sure to incorporate hygiene practices in their daily regimen. Teeth and hair brushing should be part of their morning and evening ritual. Trimming their nails should be done weekly and bath time should be a precursor for their bedtime story. Soon they will start to accept that all these activities are part of life.
  4. Engage them by adding their favorite things. You can pump up their excitements by giving them a toothbrush that has cartoon character designs, a fancy bath towel or a cute hair brush.
  5. Foot hygiene is another important grooming to teach them. Make them understand that keeping their feet clean will reduce the risk of having smelly feet and foot infections. Wash their feet as often as necessary and dry it especially the in-between toes.
  6. You should also focus on their toilet hygiene especially if the kids are already toilet-trained. Educate them on effective ways of cleaning their private parts such as wiping their genital from front to back with toilet paper. They should also know to use the bidet and flush the toilet after using the washroom.

Children’s skin, teeth, and body differ from that of an adult, so it is better to use relevant products such as shampoo, soap, lotion, and toothpaste to prevent skin irritation. Likewise, reiterate to them why it is not all right to share personal things such as pillows, bath towel, hats and combs to avoid lice infestation.

Good grooming and hygiene start at home. As parents or guardians, we should implement precise guides and methods and set as an example to the children and encourage them to stay hygienic. More than just cleanliness and vanity make them understand that it is to keep them healthy and prevents them from getting sick.

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The Maldives versus Mauritius for the best honeymoon

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Planning your holiday can be really a great experience and something that will only happen one time in your life. However, when it comes to deciding on the location of your honeymoon, it can be hard to decide. Especially, if you don’t know which location is better. Many prefer the Maldives while other might prefer Mauritius. With this information, you will be able to decide which one is going to be better for you. The Maldives of Mauritius?

If you like snorkeling

If you and you’re loved one likes snorkeling and is always looking for a great place for this hobby, then you might want to consider the Maldives.

This is because the Maldives are known and really popular for their underwater life. They have great coral walls that are full of sea creatures and that can give a great snorkeling experience that you will not forget really soon. This can just be the destination for your snorkeling honeymoon.

For many activities that you and your loved one can attend

If you and your loved one isn’t one that is just lying on the beach and then throughout the day, and looking for some activities, then Mauritius might be for you.

The Maldives have great snorkeling places, but Mauritius is full of activities that you can go to and enjoy. Most people that are looking for some watersport and other outdoor activities prefer Mauritius.

Which one has the most beautiful beach?

There isn’t really a comparison when it comes to the beach and which one has the best beaches. They are both popular when it comes to their beaches and everyone agree that there it doesn’t really matter.

However, there are a couple of people that are saying that because of the amount of islands in the area, the Maldives has beaches that are more beautiful than Mauritius. But, you might disagree, because of the fact that there isn’t really a huge difference between Mauritius beaches and the Maldives’s beaches.


This is normally the one thing that is the deciding factor for most couples. Because newlyweds have a tight budget, they might want to go to the location that is offering the most value for money and that are more affordable.

Mauritius is a lot cheaper and more affordable than the Maldives and this is why many people are going there. You are going to get value for money, with great hotel options, great activities and a great beach, cheaper than what you should have spent in the Maldives.

Maldives versus Mauritius. The one thing many people are wondering when it comes to deciding which location you are going to prefer for your honeymoon. With this information, you will be able to know what you and your loved one prefers and which location will be best for you for your once in a lifetime honeymoon.

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